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HP Printer Won’t Connect to Server | How to Connect?

Check out any portable device connected to your printer

  • First of all, check your printer is connected with any other USB portable device.
  • If any USB or portable device is connected, remove it, HP printer’s prevent to connect with web services.

Restart all your peripheral devices

  • Restart all your peripheral devices because restart can make changes to some application to start working again so restarting devices sometime resolve the issue. Turn off Printer, Router & Computer wait for 20 seconds and turn it back on.
  • Check if the issue is resolved, if not then move to the further steps.

Hp printer error support

Turn on Web Services

  • Sometime you have to manually turn on the web services from your Printer web server to resolve the issue.
  • You have to print or copy out your printer network configuration from wireless menu on their printer’s LCD screen.

Change your router DNS to Google DNS

Some HP users have confirmed that by changing the DNS server for the HP printer to Google’s IP address, they have solved server connection error. To change your router DNS to Google DNS open the embedded web server page. On the left side of the network tab, click on the wireless. Click on the IPv4 tab and enter as the first DNS. Click on apply to save changes. By doing this, you have made the printer to use Google’s DNS instead of your router’s DNS server.

Update your HP Printer Firmware

Due to some outdate firmware you can face connecting server error. In order to do this, go to HP printer official website and type your printer model to the box where it ask to enter printer model and download the required software and install it.

 Use HP Print and Scan Doctor

As HP printer has very useful and friendly user software called Hp Print and Scan Doctor, you can go to HP Printer official website and type your printer model number and download HP Printer and Scan Doctor and run it. You can follow the step given by that software; it’s simple and easy to run. This utility tool is usually preferred for fixing scanning and printer issues. But, you can also fix HP printer connectivity issues with this tool. So, it might come in handy for eliminating the connecting to the server error. In order to use this HP Print and Scan Doctor utility tool simply open its window. Now, choose one of the following fix printing or fix scanning or both to fix HP printer won’t connect to server issue.

We confirm that some of the above resolutions steps can solve your issue depending on the reason for occurrence of error. So, apply them carefully if you want to utilize HP web printing services. However, if you face any problem while following the above instruction please give us a call on HP Help Number at the comfort of your home. This number is completely free of cost and you can call on it at anytime. We promise you that , you will get a proper solution if you call our support professionals, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are still disappointed and not able to solve hp printer error then you can connect with Hp printer error support toll free Number +1-833-338-2444.you can ask him for tech support and they definitely solve your issues on call or via Remote access and 100% guaranteed solution.

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